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The Secret Life of Kids
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Your kids May Not Tell You…But the Kids in our Programs Will.

Who’s pressuring your kids? Who’s offering them alcohol or drugs? Who’s talking to them on the Internet? Whether we’re teachers, parents, counselors…sometimes we just don’t know what’s really going on in a child’s life. If you want to talk to your kids about the challenges they face, but aren’t sure what to say, our programs will help…with real kids sharing their true stories, and advice from experts, educators and parents who have “been there.”

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The Secret Life of Kids is a series of award-winning programs giving you an inside look at the pressures children face. Learning and talking with children about these issues is one of the best ways we can help keep them safe. These 30-minute programs are not only educational, they also offer a springboard for discussion – instead of talking “at” your child, you can discuss what you’ve just seen together. Along with this two-program set covering important, real-life issues, a FREE copy of Invisible Weapons. Don’t let your child’s life remain a mystery – let us help you protect them. Order this unique program series now!

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The Secret Life of Kids offers a behind-the-scenes look into real, pressure-packed issues in children’s lives today. In this unique two-program set, kids tell — in their own words — what they might not tell their parents or teachers. In order to help you talk with your kids, the programs contain special features such as tips for parents, research, and conversation starters.

You’ll get the two-part series, The Secret Life of Kids, which includes: Gateway and Caught in the Web. PLUS, Invisible Weapons is yours FREE! Order Now!

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Gateway - Early Drug Use

Gateway demonstrates the potential long-term effects of experimenting with and using gateway drugs such as alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, and inhalants. Research shows that children who experiment with drugs are more likely than adults to get physically and psychologically addicted.

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Caught in the Web - Internet Predators

Caught in the Web looks at the potential dangers of technology while preparing children to use it responsibly. It includes true stories of online predators who use chat rooms and instant messaging to locate their victims and offers advice on keeping your children safe. The program also examines the perils of online bullying and plagiarism.

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Invisible Weapons - The Dangers of Bullying

Invisible Weapons is an Emmy® award-winning program that addresses the epidemic of teasing, taunting, and exclusion. Often, non-physical abuse and verbal bullying can leave deeper emotional scars than broken bones and bloody noses. Common traits of bullying victims as well as the importance of self-esteem are also explored.

Founded in 1998, CWK Network is the recognized leader in providing news and television programming about children’s social, behavioral and health issues. Our programs are broadcast on stations throughout the country and used in thousands of schools nationwide. Studies show that Connect With Kids programs inspire more open communication between parents and children and improve student behavior in the classroom.